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Ican FR Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

god, milla bajam. my mom used to tell (hundreds of times) ib3od 3an esh-shar w \'3anneelo.bas that only works as a preventative merasue, i guess. once you\'re attacked, they have to be exposed so they slink back under their rock.people\'s actions are always indicative of their why are they doing this???VA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait...VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

Mitch Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

That\'s the best answer by far! Thanks for coiurnbtting.

Xadrian FR Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

Just cause it\'s simple doesn\'t mean it\'s not super heflpul.

Scott GB Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

akeed kezeb 100% ne7na bna3reef ma 3ena shak eno warad mo7tarni bas hayda mesh malossl wl3alam mesh habla law malossl ma keno 7kio hal kalem elbazy2 hayda hali mosta7il 7ata yn7aka ma tstablo elnes

Mari Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

Thats imposible couse they dirsovecd the first wine around 14.000 b.c. bye Syria Armenia so how can it be from 12.000 bij greece?i saw it on National Geograffic Channelbut what the hack does it matter ARMENIANS AND GREECE FOR EVER :d

Sanjeev Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

Really I\'m wellcoming and olso thknniag your effort based on Humand rights and also how you advocate for human right, therefore I will like to see your activities based on Somali problems since you are human rught advocates I can help you to integrate Somali Community Somali because I also Member of those who do the same work you do on Human rights in Somalia. thanks

Luis Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

no its 100% Armenian, made in Armenia during anceint times when Armenia Greece were paganism. Greece influenced alot onto Armenians, and vice versa. so obviously we made our own pagan temple using Greek architecture. that is the last standing temple that was kept by the order of the Armenian King Tiridates (Trdat) when he ordered all temples be destroyed because we had accepted Christianity in 314 AD (some believe 301)

Kira Observer (2 years 10 months ago)

Kochari dance, its an Armenian culture dance. we iucfnenled it onto Greeks, but Greeks dont dance it exact same as Armenian, just slightly different. and among other things here there too. like WINE, we Armenians had invented a form of WINE long before Greeks Romans ever did. Greeks took the idea from Armenians, made their own and then gave it to the Romans. we introduced Trout to Greeks Romans too, because our Lake Sevan is known for its trout fish

Nekbiet ES Observer (3 years 5 months ago)

It\'s a very good draw for most countries indcluing Ireland (I am not Irish) in the second semi-final, by far the most interesting one !Look: France cannot vote for Portugal, Armenia, Serbia or Turkey (and Azerbaidjan as well). And that is true for other countries of this 2nd semi-final indcluing Germany as a voter (I don\'t know for Italy) ! Much more suspense to come thanks to that draw! Just great !(though I feel sorry for San Marino especially and some others that have almost no chance t

Leticia Observer (3 years 5 months ago)

Is anyone, like me, renielg slightly from Keith\'s statistical analysis of the semis? A huge, scholarly exercise which must have taken days to compile, analyse and present. There will be some who delight in poring over it all (and I have to confess, I do like a good bar chart). But in general, it\'s wasted on oiks like me. Some countries go through automatically, some may influence their chances with an especially good/bad song/performance and the remainder have almost no chance.And how is K

Remedios PL Observer (3 years 5 months ago)

For me best draw in first semifinal have:Albania (beetwen 2 pop songs)Serbia (beetwen rock and pop song)Switzerland (beetwen pop and rock song)Finland (beetwen rock and pop)San Marino ( beetwen two pop dance song)Iceland ( beetwen two pop song)Hungary For me best draw have Switzerland and IcelandWorst draw for Norway (they second after Poland)Croatia (because 2 place after their song came Hungary with also dance sound)In second semifinal best draw have;Slovakia (beetwen Belgium and ruin Ukraine,

Milos DE Observer (3 years 7 months ago)

Thanks guys for clarifying the siaittuons. I would suppose that if Armenian TV is as bad as some claimed in this blog then internet would be a very good alternative source for news, and therefore, I would suppose that many would want to to get connected. But I guess my suppositions aren\'t correct.Observer- what a difference huh, 50% of the population is mobile while only 6% is online. I wounder why 50% of that small country needs to be mobile. When I lived there and I had to talk with someone

Jeb AU Observer (3 years 7 months ago)

In recent days it has been poietnd out to me that internet prices have plummeted with the change of ownership of ArmenTel. Beeline now offers unlimited ADSL for 12,000 drams per month which has finally brought the price down to levels found in Georgia for the past few years. It\'s also possible to pay even less depending on traffic.Over ten years after fter the greatest telecommunications disaster Levon Ter-Petrossian as president and Robert Kocharian as prime minister forced upon Armenia, the

Lea RU Observer (3 years 7 months ago)

However, so far people I know who have taken the new Beeline ADSL servcie are not already getting proper faster access, but have also halved their previous costs for substandard dialup.Correction:Ho wever, so far people I know who have taken the new Beeline ADSL servcie are NOT ONLY already getting proper faster access, but have also halved their previous costs for substandard dialup.For once, good news when it comes to Internet connection in Armenia. I\'ve always been fed up as hell that ADSL

Julia MO Observer (3 years 7 months ago)

Interesting article, I read it with plarsuee :) Here I am sharting with you our trip to Armenia story 2010.We have always heard about Armenia from our Armenian neigbors. We have been always thinking of making a trip to discover that land.In Spring 2010 we decided together with the family visiting Yerevan, and to our surprise it was really a totally new discovery.Armenia didnt look like any of the other countries we have ever been to. It was a mixture of old and modern, Soviet and Independent !In

Clara NL Observer (3 years 10 months ago)

Call me wind because I am asbolutley blown away.

Riya Observer (3 years 10 months ago)

Happy Holiday Armenia!Let us all, especially those who hold power abide by our Constitution.Our state is only 20 years old. USA is 235 years old, and it\'s Constitution was wriettn 224 years ago, but some 30-40 years ago black guys still could not even sit near white ones. In fact some 30-40 years ago Americans still did not have and did not enjoy the rights which their Constitution declared centuries ago.I very much hope it won\'t take Armenia so long to correspond to its beautiful Constitu

Josh RU Observer (3 years 10 months ago)

I don\'t think reporting has boecme much better. I think it\'s about the same always.As to what Andrearzoo Says hinting,that I shouldn\'t be publicizing such facts, I have to disagree. It\'s better to have informed foreigners, who take precautions and thus, at least, help to reduce the number of criminal offenses against them. Moreover, I\'d rather have fewer tourists, than many going back home with lots of horror stories.After all it\'s not my fault that crime is increasing

Silvia Observer (3 years 10 months ago)

and Independent Armenia ,So what do you think the video reflects, other than the given of ercounaging repatriation? Do you really think that the Armenians in this video are milking the locals, or are being milked by the locals? I don\'t know about taking money and opening a business. What about working with the established companies that exist in Armenia? How will the people get rid of the corrupt elite? I personally don\'t think it\'s logical to sit behind our computers thousands of miles

Kaduko FR Observer (3 years 10 months ago)

of course tnighs are corrupt :P the 1st step to fixing something is accepting that the problem exists. However, as much as I have heard such rumours about the Al Capone\'s coming to your door and wanting a share in your profits, the truth from those who HAVE moved is that so long as you don\'t get into the businesses they have a monopoly on like oil/gas and sugar, you\'re left alone. I\'m not sure you speak from experience, but considering your tone, I think it\'s safe to bet that what

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By: AzeriBoy, February 7, 2010


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